Miniature de Castiel
Castiel can be hard to get along with. He's not easy to talk to him or know what he's thinking but in reality he must be nice deep down.

Likes: his electric guitar
Dislikes: taking orders
Star sign: Leo
(the trick to Castiel is to not say please, and think likea smart ass.)



Ep 1
A New High School

You have 4 convos in ep 1

Spoiler HTML code "Hello, I'm new. I'm looking for someone to show me around./Hi, I'm new./...Hi?" (User-Initiated)

Spoiler HTML code "You wouldn't happen to have my enrollment form, would you?/You wouldn't happen to have any money for my enrollment fees, would you?/(don't ask anything else)" (User-Initiated)
Spoiler HTML code "You again?"

Spoiler HTML code End Illustration

Ep 2

Spoiler HTML code (Random bullying #1)
Spoiler HTML code (Random bullying #2)
(if you pick the gardening club next 2 canvos)

Spoiler HTML code Castiel, I have to go the gardening club, do you know where it is?
Spoiler HTML code Castiel: So, what are you doing?

(If you choose the basketball club)
Spoiler HTML code Castiel, I have to go to the basketball club, do you know where it is?
Spoiler HTML code Castiel: I almost didn't wait. Follow me, you'll see it's just right next to the gymnasium. You could have found it on your own if you had tried.

*Castiel's Absentee Note*

Spoiler HTML code sign this
Spoiler HTML code Do you need anything else?
Spoiler HTML code Castiel: What now?! Good grief, you're persistant!
Spoiler HTML code Castiel: I'm not signing anything, understand?! And I'm sure he's just doing this so I might get expelled form school.
Spoiler HTML code End Illustration

Ep 3

Spoiler HTML code Hey, ...umm...did you get everything worked out with your absentee note?
Spoiler HTML code So is the hunt for mini Rover going well?
Spoiler HTML code I forgot to ask you what kind of dog do you have.
Spoiler HTML code I saw that yappy mutt run by here a couple of times already. You're taking your time to catch him!
Spoiler HTML code So, did you catch the dog?
Spoiler HTML code Hey, I wanted to talk to you about Amber...

Spoiler HTML code End Illustration

Ep 4

Spoiler HTML code Castiel: Hey who's that?
Spoiler HTML code Amber stole from me
Spoiler HTML code Castiel: So young lady, do you have any pocket money for me too?
Spoiler HTML code Castiel: So, did you get revenge on those snobs?
Spoiler HTML code Oh, what can I graffiti her locker with?
Spoiler HTML code My plan for getting back at her backfired on me.
Spoiler HTML code Do you know where I can find something to clean graffiti?
Spoiler HTML code You  won't believe what happened to me!
Spoiler HTML code And so? Ghosts eat plastic and smoke now, is that it?
Spoiler HTML code I can't believe it, you're hanging around after school again?
Spoiler HTML code Look what I found!
Spoiler HTML code End Illustration

Ep 5

So, if you want a date with Castel in this ep, you basically already have to have a high number with him.
Plus you NEED TO AVIOD HIM AT ALL COSTS!! You cannot make him happy this ep T_T
When given the options below, DO NOT PICK THE SECOND ONE!
In the first part of the episode you have three different choices!
-Go and spy on them to find out what's going on
-Go and see what is going on
-Turn on your heels and avoid any trouble

Each choice will lead to different events!
When you overhear the Principal yelling at Nate, you have three different options to choose from. Each of these options will lead to different encounters as you complete the episode.
A. (Go and see what is going on)
You will find the key in the Gardening Club.
Nathaniel will give you information on the bracelet.
B. (Go and spy on them to find out what’s going on)
Castiel will give you the key.
Castiel will give you information on the bracelet.
C (Turn on your heels and avoid any trouble)
Lysander will give you the key.
Capucine will give you information about the bracelet.

Spoiler HTML code Did you hear? Nathaniel is in serious trouble, he lost the key to the teachers' lounge and some stuff got stolen.
Spoiler HTML code I'm trying to help Nathaniel find the key to the teachers' lounge. Have you seen it?
Spoiler HTML code Castel:
Spoiler HTML code So it was Amber who stole the exams
Spoiler HTML code End Illustration

Episode 6

Did you know that Rosalya was going out with the salesman at the clothes shop?
A. I was just letting you know...
+4 B. It's always a pleasure talking with you.
+0 C. (Don't insist)

So, did you think of any ideas?
A. Humpf... You are really pathetic.
+0 B. Remind me never to bring up any subjects like this with you.
+0 C. There are some guys who have feelings for their girlfriends you know.

By the way, do you have a girlfriend?
+0 A. Just curious.
+0 B. I was just wondering why you are single, that's all.
+0 C. Seriously? There is a girl that tolerates you?

What's wrong, is everything ok?
+0A. Castiel... An adorable boy, politeness incarnate.
+0 B. Seriously, what's wrong?
          +0 A. How did you do that?
          +0 B. Oh, is that all? This one gets you the options to buy new strings or not. Get the Butterfly Quality ones to make him blush. ;)
          +0 C. So buy new ones!
+0 C. I'm starting to get tired of this, you take whatever I say the wrong way!
           -14 A. Yes, my conscience does. Even people like you deserve some consideration.
           B. (Don't answer...)
Ep 7

+4 What? You... you heard? (you have no options here xD)

Did you know it was Melody's Birthday today?
+0 A. It was a stupid question.
+4 B. You should get more interested in others you know.

Are you looking for Melody again today?
- A. And are you looking for trouble?
+4 B. Haha, very funny! You're such a comedian!
+0 C. no, it's you I was looking for.
          +0 A. Nathaniel? That's surprising...
          +0 B. You felt sorry for her... which means?

I could set my dog on her if she's making trouble
A. No, I'd rather you didn't.
+0 B. Ah, that's a thought.
C. That's ok, I'll take care of myself, just like an adult.

Ep 8

Guess what!
A. I have a great sense of direction!
B. The same goes for you!
+0 C. You're so funny...

I'm going to go home, I don't like that sort of ambiance.
A. No, not really.
+0 B. Yeah, I'm under the impression that everyone has to study at the same time.

So are you ready for exams?
A. And what if I hadn't talked to Nathaniel, what would have happened then?
+0 B. I don't snoop around! And That doesn't change anything, you still should have told me!
C. You think that's funny huh? You're lucky Nathaniel told me!
          +0 A. I still prefer not to bomb it.
          B. Yeah that's true... I shouldn't get so worried.
          C. Shhh! Stop talking, I need to concentrate on what I studies yesterday!

Have you seen Iris?
+0 A. I'm serious!
B. Have you ever heard of lending a hand to someone in need?
C. I don't have any money on me, sorry.

Amber told him everything...
A. (I'll act as if I didn't know anything.)
+0 B. (I'll talk to him about it.)
          A. What?! What are you talking about! You're just a boy I get along with ok!
          +0 B. You must be confusing your dreams with reality.
          -7 C. You seem pretty sure of yourself... do you have any proof at least?


  1. A. I got caught spraying her locker! = 0
    B. How do you know what I saw or didn't see? = -11

  2. B. To see if you had a motive to steal those exams of coarse! = -11

  3. A. Humpf... You are really pathetic. = 0

  4. B. Yeah! Rock me baby, I love rock. = -4
    ps; i hope these comments help out a bit, sorry if i'm being annoying.

  5. -7 A. Hey, yeah, you should try gardening sometimes.

    I wanna help, too. :)