You don have any dialog with Jade until Ep 3

Ep 3

Spoiler HTML code Hey, hi, are you the one in charge of the gardening club? Its pitiful, the flowers are all wilting!
Spoiler HTML code Have you seen a dog?
Spoiler HTML code  There you are, do you have the box?
Spoiler HTML code  You haven't finished yet?

To get a date with Jade you must answer in the order of Orchid, Lilac, Cactus. All other orders get a failed date. Also, the yellow top that has the green bra showing is the right clothes. only $58. :) cheap date for once.

Spoiler HTML code End Illustration


  1. do you have to join the garden club to meet him?

    1. Yes, this is a qualification to meet him.

  2. Yes you have to, or else if you're a part of the basket ball club & not the garden club, you get to meet a guy called Dajan instead.

  3. +2 A. So you spend your time with your hands in the dirt?

  4. -5 A. What is it now?
    A. You'l have to manage with what you have.
    B You should be able to do something with all of that, shouldn't you?
    +5 C. What are you going to do?

  5. Do you have to have a higher love rate with Jade than the other guys in oder to go on the date?

  6. You need to have the highest rate with Jade, if you don't, you'll get a date with the boy that you have the highest love o meter... and need to choose the correct clothings or you'll miss the date... ahhhh I need that date with Jade!